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Preserving and enhancing value

The sustainable success of a real estate investment requires continued commercial and technical maintenance. Our team knows its business – but begins by listening to you to ensure that your property is developed in line with your requirements. Our staff responsible for owners’ association property management, tenanted house management and facility management for commercial properties work closely together to ensure that sound answers are found for even the most complex of questions.

Property management

Our property management specialists manage tenanted and owners’ association apartment buildings, office and commercial buildings in Berlin and environs.

As a member of a strong company group, our administrators have instant access to a large fount of knowledge from individual specialist areas. The competent commercial and technical management of individual properties occurs professionally and reliably. Our overriding principle is to coordinate all goals with the owners themselves.


A property’s long-term economic feasibility is dependent on generating a sustainable revenue stream, in other words a good rental income. To guarantee such a thing in the long term, it is important to find not just any tenants, but the right tenants.

Suitable tenants must be solvent on the one hand and suit the existing tenant structure and desired future development of the property on the other. Particularly happy tenants make good tenants. We therefore see it as our obligation to guarantee a suitable service quality throughout the rental and handover process, without losing sight of owner interests.


Selling a property marks the ultimate stage of real estate value creation, so it requires good preparation and management. We accompany the entire process from an early stage and maximise revenues through suitable improvements to the sale property, for example.

We analyse the market to determine an optimal sales price, organise all marketing measures and accompany the buyer throughout the entire process until handover. For an optimum result, we bring in support from trusted real estate agents operating nationally and internationally.

Service management

Retaining and augmenting property value requires active service management. We work together with a large number of service companies and ourselves operate in the property service field with our own staff without an exclusive remit. In this way we can ensure a consistently high quality, reasonable economic efficiency and good communication. Complex and demanding tasks, damage claims and urgent matters can thus be resolved fast.

We work with the following firms in their specialist areas:

  • Caretaker services:
    Markgrafen Immobilienservice GmbH
  • Painting, decorating and flooring:
    Die Frühlingszeit Maler GmbH & Co. KG
  • Extensions and conversions:
    Werkwert Systembau GmbH
  • Redevelopments and modernisations:
    PBAS Projekt Bau GmbH
  • Maintenance of heating, sanitary and ventilation systems:
    HPF Haustechnik GmbH